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Things that really piss me off.

Okay, so tonight was midnight madness at the county fair and I was reluctantly dragged along with my sister. Fortunately, I found 4 of my theater friends from a summer production I am student directing. I began the evening in one of the most aggravated moods ever but the night was redeemed by these theater friends, 2 of which happen to be gay. Later my sister tells me that one of our friends asked her: “Hey..Why is Ashley hanging out with the queers?”. Ummmm first of all watch yourself. Those “queers” happen to be the best set of friends a person could ever find and have offered me more kindness in the last month than you have had in you life time. Just because they think a little differently than you, most certainly does not make them any way horrible or allow you to demean them. Secondly, get your head out of you ass please!!!!!! Maybe if you did that and got to know them you could see how much better your life could be just by seeing into their world. 

*sigh* I shake my head at ignorant fools…

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